Riders of Rohan Problèmes connus

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Riders of Rohan Problèmes connus

Message  Khiris le Lun 15 Oct - 21:02


Riders of Rohan Known Issues
•Players who pre-purchased the Legendary bundle do not currently have access to the Horse Session Play quests.
Mounted Combat (Only applies while mounted)

•Strategic Strike skill mistakenly bestows Mounted Fervour.
•Strategem skill works inconsistently with the Spur On skill.

•When using the Mounted Strike skill on enemies to the left, the player character animates as if attacking to the right.

•Tooltip for the Storm-lore debuff incorrectly states that it lasts 20 seconds; it actually lasts 3.

•Animations between rider and steed are out of sync when trotting and galloping
•'Poison Gourd' effect cannot be cured by pots and applies a flame FX to the character

Sound & Graphics
•Various NPCs throughout the world are no longer playing sound FX.
•There are issues with farview and seeing towns/landscape from long distances

Classes (While un-mounted)

•Some skills occasionally grey out, despite being usable

•Having the trait 'Barbed Hinderance' slotted causes the DoT for the 'Barbed Arrow' skill to do 0 damage

•If four Protector of Song traits are slotted and then the player goes into War-speech, 'Anthem of the Third Age' will not become 'Anthem of the Third Age (War-speech)'

Monster Play
•Defiler - Plague of Flies debuff is not stacking
•Delving of Fror - Bosses can drop loot items that should only be for the opposite faction Items

•Class specific off-hand equipment has not been adjusted to level 85

•Most of the Rohan Medium and Heavy endgame sets have mismatched default colors

•20% Mount Speed (1 Hour) tooltip gives conflicting info about its effect on War-steeds

•Rohan - Rohan Awaits - If you've already completed the Langhold quest line, there's no way to complete 'Rohan Awaits'. Completing Rohan awaits before completing the Langhold quest line will prevent this from happening.

•Epic Book - V3B7C1 - Luidhros will occasionally encounter issues such as falling through the flet and never appearing on the flet

•Quest - Rohan - The Unruly Stallion - There is piece of DNT text in the Unruly Horse's tooltip

World Join
•Isengard instances can't be selected in the Simple or Advanced tab; only the specific tab allows you to create Isengard instances

Legendary Items
•When you deconstruct a Legendary Item, the tier of the relic is not listed in the results window

•French and German - Rohan maps have numerous links that take you to the Eregion map, and the Eregion map has several links that take you to the Rohan map; also, there is no map for East Rohan

•French/German clients are unable to try on War-steed cosmetic sets in the Store

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Re: Riders of Rohan Problèmes connus

Message  Edel le Mar 16 Oct - 9:44

le retour des "TBD" ?

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Re: Riders of Rohan Problèmes connus

Message  Kaithlyn le Mar 16 Oct - 11:03

Comme d'hab très peu de choses qui ne vont pas ... Laughing

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Re: Riders of Rohan Problèmes connus

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